Managed Security Services

Fortify your company’s defenses with robust cybersecurity solutions.

Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity should be your top priority as a business owner, since it has the potential to bring your company down if not addressed properly. That’s why implementing robust security solutions into your current IT infrastructure is crucial -- and it pays to employ best-in-class strategies like the ones we offer at Titan Tech.

Our Managed Security Services give you access to a team of specialists who utilize their wealth of expertise to keep your business safe from hackers and malware. Whether you need to protect your data, desktops, applications, or network from cyberattacks, we’ve got you covered.

Our full line of Managed Security Services keeps your network secure and your budget in check:

  • Managed Firewall - surround your network with another layer of security and monitor threats in real time
  • Vulnerability Management - get an overview of the current threats inside and outside of your network
  • Managed Malware Prevention - continuous protection that safeguards your system from malware attacks
  • Managed Email Security - identify and eliminate spam messages before they enter your inbox
  • Managed Endpoint Encryption - full disk encryption that prevents unauthorized access and data loss
  • Security Awareness Program - frequent training sessions to educate your employees about phishing schemes
  • Managed Sandbox - filter files and attachments for potential security threats and quarantine any that are suspicious
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Ontrack Data Recovery
  • Cisco
  • Dell