6 Cybersecurity Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

6 Cybersecurity Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

The tech industry is quite dynamic and constantly changing. It goes without saying that cybersecurity tools, and strategies, is constantly evolving as well. Especially with the advent of AI, and 5G, many business decision makers expect huge impacts from these technologies. So, where do you stand on the latest cybersecurity trends? Keep reading to learn more.

Let's talk about credential stuffing

Every month, there seems to be a consistent drip of data breaches at various companies. What is credential stuffing? Essentially, it is a practice where hackers steal long lists of usernames and passwords. Then, the hackers create automated, and large, attacks on a multitude of sites. Since these attacks are automated, the hacker only has to wait for a few successes to crop up. 

What can you do about it? Well, many companies just don't have the resources to effectively monitor for compromised credentials. As a result, they are turning to experienced MSPs. It's shocking to note that in 2018, 91% of customer login traffic at retail outlets were deemed part of credential stuffing.

Tightly-coupled platforms will take prominence 

In the past, many companies favored best-of-breed tools as part of their cybersecurity deployments. Now, the trend is leading toward tightly-coupled components - such as what an experienced MSP would offer. This includes the following:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Network security
  • Endpoint security
  • Cloud security
  • Advanced analytics 

To stay on top of the complex threats of the modern, digital era, companies must employ a multi-faceted approach. As a result, many organizations are turning to a single vendor to perform all of the above on their behalf. Then, companies no longer have to figure out how to tie all the tools together. Instead, they can enjoy the advantages of tight integration.

It's all about cloud-based central management

With everything in the cloud, cybersecurity strategies are following suit. The advantage of partnering with an MSP is the cloud factor. You see, cloud-based central management is highly effective in terms of policy management, configuration management, monitoring, and more. In addition, security controls can be distributed on premises. You can then get the best of both worlds.

Monitoring IoT Devices 

While the IoT, as an umbrella term, will bring about massive benefits in terms of communication, connectivity, and collaboration -- it also needs to address some of its vulnerabilities. There are a proliferation of IoT devices that are not standardized, and hackers are well aware. For instance, take the example of the Mirai botnet which directed IoT CCTV cameras to settle scores with Minecraft players. It also took down a large portion of the Internet while doing so. Security experts agree that IoT needs to be a focus of cybersecurity. 

More phishing 

If you thought the phishing trend was over, think again. Hackers aren't giving up on the easy tactic of tricking victims into turning over their login credentials. It's a favorite because it is both easy and low-tech. Moreover, hackers are creating more sophisticated looking ads, pop-ups, social media posts, and emails. 

Most people are hard-pressed to tell the difference between the phishing asset and the real thing. Even the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report found that 93% of confirmed data breaches resulted from a phishing attack. 

AI and 5G may create cybersecurity challenges 

By design, there is a lack of security deployed in both 5G hardware and firmware. Based on an Information Risk Management survey, 83% of respondents agreed that 5G developments will bring accelerated risks. Plus, there are risks around 5G's cloud-native and virtualized infrastructure.

But, let's not forget about AI either. Some companies are feeling AI fatigue as many systems are now integrated into core enterprise functions. This is just the starting point. The AI well is about to burst, with, more AI. 

While AI is certainly a beneficial technology used in cybersecurity, it's also used by cybercriminals to enhance the sophistication of their attacks. In late August, the WSJ reported that cybercriminals used AI software to replicate a German CEO's voice. Then, they were able to convince the head of a UK subsidiary to send $243,000 to the hackers' account. As AI continues to develop, be prepared for more of these types of examples to occur.

It is critical to work closely with your MSP

If you aren't aware of the latest cybersecurity trends, and threats, expect wide-ranging consequences and security implications. Whether it's a hefty fine, or your company can't recover from a massive attack, working closely with your MSP is crucial for ensuring that cybersecurity is prioritized and placed front and center. 

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