Stay ahead of the curve with the adaptability and reliability of Dentrix

As a dental practice grows to be more successful (and more profitable), it needs a reliable way to manage all of the different activities that go on under its roof. Dentrix uses an integrated software approach, which allows a practice to centralize all its in-house technology into a single system, even if that technology is not produced by Dentrix. Simply look for the Dentrix Connected logo on a product’s literature to find out if its compatible with Dentrix integration.

Whether you need a way to coordinate patient care, expand you marketing efforts, centralize your billing and accounting, or streamline your staff development, a partnership with Dentrix and Titan Tech will ensure that your practice is organized and scalable. Dentrix’s integrated approach ensures that even the most overwhelmed of dental offices can thrive.

Dentrix gives an office:

  • Adaptability—integrations with numerous dental tech products, across a variety of brands and companies
  • Staff Development—top of the line training, including on-site development, self-paced online learning, group seminars, and CE credits
  • Safe Migration—safe data transition from older dental management software
  • Operational Centralization—clinical, front-end, administrative, billing, and patient communication organized into a single, accessible workflow