Reduce fuel costs by effectively managing fleet routes and monitoring driver behavior

The biggest expenditure for fleet managers is fuel, which takes up to 40% of a trucking fleet's budget. Reducing this cost can mean huge savings for your organization. You may not have control over fuel prices, but there are plenty of ways you can improve upon the amount of fuel used per trip. Fleet management software empowers you to accomplish this and more.

Titan Tech can help you implement Azuga — a fleet management software that creates opportunities to improve fuel economy. Optimized routes let your fleet reach their destinations in the shortest time and avoid unnecessary fuel usage. Also, with the software, you can keep track of speeding instances and help drivers adopt more fuel-friendly road behaviors.

Azuga lets you:

  • Optimize fleet and asset tracking operations
  • Improve fleet safety with vehicle safety notifications delivered straight to drivers
  • Collect data in real time with accurate telematics technology
  • Incentivize drivers to perform good driving behaviors
  • Ensure your fleet stays compliant with the latest regulations