A secure platform for people who security

BEAST is an integrated and customizable platform from Porter Lee, who has been serving forensic science labs and law enforcement agencies around the country for over a quarter of a century. BEAST grants any forensic lab a versatile means of managing their facility by customizing each client’s software to fit their specific needs.

BEAST includes integrated modules for laboratory management, DNA analysis, evidence handling, medical examination, sexual assault kit tracking, ballistics identification. It also supports business management operations such as billing, inventory, training, and quality assurance. By working with Porter Lee’s experts and your partners at Titan Tech, any forensics lab can rest easy.

BEAST helps with

  • Customization—software is designed and deployed based on client needs
  • Support—highly trained staff, knowledgeable in lab management and forensic science
  • Compliance—documents all stages of evidence collection and tracks chain of custody