Autodesk AutoCAD

Create anything with precise 2D and 3D drawings that let you work faster

Manual drafting is inefficient, tasking, and results in a delayed turnaround of completed projects. You could very well be losing clients to the competition who are using innovative technologies in technical drawings and plans that allow for more accurate details and easy access or modification.

One such technology is Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Titan Tech has partnered with AutoDesk AutoCAD to help you take advantage of drafting software that can increase your productivity and improve workflow. Not only does AutoCAD have industry-specific features, but it also has mobile and web apps so you can take your work anywhere.

Benefits of AutoDesk AutoCAD include:

  • Better design quality – reduce design errors with highly accurate models
  • Improved design security – keep prototypes secure and set restricted access to designs
  • Easy sharing – maintain design integrity and eliminate the need to make multiple copies
  • Quick design alterations – with a simple way to modify and track revisions
  • Enhanced collaboration – share projects with anyone, anytime, anywhere