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Who is VoIP for?

Here are the signs that you need to upgrade your phone systems:

  • When it breaks, it’s hard to find replacement or parts for your outdated phone system that’s no longer manufactured.
  • Your customers often get busy signals or a ‘no service’ message when they try to call you.
  • You need to purchase additional software and hardware every time you require more features such as teleconferencing.
  • You frequently need to buy additional ports for more phone lines and fax machines, since you’re already over the maximum device capacity.
  • You pay too much for on-site visits from phone technicians.

Take advantage of enterprise-level telephony at SMB prices

A bad connection in a globalized world hurts businesses. With VoIP installation and support from Titan Tech, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio quality, video calling, and more features of an advanced communication service that traditional phone technology can’t offer.

Because we want to help your business build more robust relationships with your customers and provide mobility to your employees, we offer an all-inclusive VoIP service for an affordable price. If you are ready to switch to the future of telecommunication, give Titan Tech a call today.


Never miss an important phone call again

VoIP solutions from Titan Tech are:

  • Affordable – save money without incurring fees for long-distance and international calls
  • Packed with features – includes call forwarding, text messaging, instant messaging services, video conferencing capabilities, and many more
  • Customer service-enhancing – routing calls more efficiently means fewer dropped calls and faster response time
  • Flexible – forward calls to your mobile phone so you can connect with your business associates
  • User-friendly – simplified interface that your staff will have no trouble using

Pride in good work and service still exists

Even though I am somewhat IT-challenged, I did not feel talked down to, and was well and patiently supported throughout the process. We have been very pleased with the work and service they provided. We refer our friends to Titan Tech — it is nice to see pride in good work and service still exists.

Donna Keller
West Chester, Ohio

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We will get to know your unique challenges and business goals. We will also assess your existing systems and networks so we can identify weaknesses.

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We will execute the agreed IT strategy. We will also administer regular evaluations and adjust when needed. You can always up- or down-scale services or solutions depending on your changing needs.