Rent Manager

Take control of properties, accounting, and marketing in one platform

You're probably thinking that you've always done well with property management while using hard copies or Excel spreadsheets; there's no need for software. But what happens if, on top of chasing late rent payments, you also need to prepare financial reports, keep track of vacancies, and find out if properties are compliant with local, state, and federal laws? This is where life can be made easier with property management software.

Titan Tech can help you set up and configure Rent Manager, a powerful property management software that can help you with routine tasks such as rent collection, maintenance requests management, recordkeeping for tax purposes, and more. By streamlining manual jobs, you can focus on your existing tenants and invest time and resources on them, resulting in longer relationships and lower cost of vacancies.

The features of Rent Manager include:

  • ePay Processing – allows tenants and association owners to securely pay online and eliminate manual data entry
  • rmVOiP – get all the information you need such as client history, transactions, and more while on a phone call
  • Report Writer – take advantage of built-in, predefined functions and variables to design professional reports
  • Prospect Manager – track prospects and marketing campaigns easily