Build and deepen client relationships with real-time data management

Will your client prefer growth stocks or balanced funds? How is their risk tolerance? As a financial advisor, you need to be able to see these portfolio data on demand. The right CRM can consolidate client investment data and let you take action in a timely manner when managing roll-over dues, maturing certificates of deposit, cash balances that are too high, and more.

Titan Tech can install Smartstation® — CRM software featuring a variety of applications that let you oversee account performance, trading tools, portfolio reporting, and contact management, using only a single sign-on interface. It also lets you access up-to-the-minute market news, comprehensive research from third-party providers, and the latest recommendations from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

Some of the features of Smartstation® include:

  • Envision® Process – strategic planning that is centered on the client’s life goals and aspirations
  • Envision® Plan to Pie® – have meaningful conversations with clients by monitoring their portfolios visually
  • Smart2Go® – iPad application that provides on-the-go access to client data
  • Envision® Scenarios – allow clients to modify and model different goals and see how the changes affect their investments