User-friendly software that lets you focus on growing your business

It takes a lot of time and resources to run a business. Not only do you have to focus on mission-critical tasks, but also customer service, marketing, payroll, taxes, and more. You simply can't take sales calls and manage business contracts and also be an accountant at the same time. You need to offload some of the burdens of running a business.

Free up your time by taking advantage of accounting software like QuickBooks. It is an intuitive way to track expenses, manage payroll, check income, and more. Titan Tech can set up and configure QuickBooks for you and provide the ongoing software support you need so you can step away from tasks that you don't enjoy — such as bookkeeping — and do what you do best.

The QuickBooks software lets you:

  • Create and issue invoices that make it easy for customers to pay you
  • Save more money by finding additional tax deductions
  • Automate sales tax calculations to free up your time
  • Take control of accounting even with multiple QuickBooks users
  • File with IRS and stay compliant with convenient 1099 form preparation