Neon CRM

Don’t let the stresses of fundraising overtake your mission

Any non-profit professional will tell you that fundraising and donor management is a job all by itself. Luckily, there’s a platform to help burgeoning non-profits manage relationships with their donors. With Neon CRM, you’ll have a centralized way of soliciting donations, keeping track of your communications with donors, managing organization memberships, and putting on fundraising events.

Titan Tech can help implement Neon’s CRM for your organization, so you never have to scramble to keep track of your donors again. Neon features a thorough account and relationship manager, automated receipting, centralized email, online donation forms and surveys, newsletter marketing, as well as a robust grant management and reporting system.

Neon Features:

  • Centralized Donor Management—manage donor relationships and contacts in one place
  • Marketing Optimization—mass emails, online forms and surveys, membership management, and volunteer management
  • Electronic Processing—automatic receipting and credit card processing
  • QuickBooks Integration—seamless donation tracking and budgeting