Optimize your medical practice and all other office processes with one software solution

Did you know that spending time on accounting and other administrative duties means over 50% in lost profits? That's how much time it takes away from your billable hours. Not only that, but you also need to consider the processes and quality controls in place to manage your medical practice.

Don't let accounting or administration tasks take up the time you'd rather spend providing patient care. This is why Titan Tech has partnered with Lytec to streamline all of your scheduling, billing, and revenue management functions.

Some of the Features of Lytec include:

  • Scheduling – advanced features that let you easily manage waitlists, customize reports, collect payments upon arrival, and more
  • Accounting – effortlessly keep track of accounts receivables, insurance caps, tax filings, collection lists, and more
  • Billing – flexible billing with capabilities for multiple fee schedules, electronic claims and automatic payment posting (ERA), and more
  • Reporting – comprehensive options include monthly and annual reports, day sheets, transaction journals, practice analysis reports, and more