Boost manufacturing adaptability by automating and streamlining processes

At first, your manufacturing and distribution company survived with spreadsheets and basic accounting software. But then you soon found out that the workload and complex business processes became too much for you and your staff to bear. Later, your organization faced slow production due to manual processes and unmanageable logistics.

This is where Titan Tech can help. We have partnered with SYSPRO to provide an ERP software solution that can ensure your organization meets growing customer and business demands. SYSPRO helps you to streamline your production workflow so you can take control of all functions, from development to delivery. Additionally, automating repetitive manual tasks speeds up production that results in an increased bottom line.

With SYSPRO, you enjoy:

  • Centralized data – say goodbye to double data entry or having to pay for multiple software licenses
  • Improved visibility – easily find out whether you have the inventory to complete an order, who’s working on it, how many more days to shipping, and more
  • Enhanced customer service – predict and prevent any problems and update customers accurately on order status