Get the big picture of your clients’ financial matters with intuitive software

More than client relationships, the modern financial advisor needs to take into consideration all relevant connections. To fully understand family wealth, you need to see the big picture and take into consideration other kinships and the data that comes with them. One scenario is when one of your advisors ends up declining on a new client, not knowing his/her household value or ties to existing clients with a high investment portfolio.

That is where a reliable CRM system can help. Titan Tech has partnered with Wealthbox to provide you with feature-rich and user-friendly software that lets you keep track of all client data and interactions. It has a ton of intuitive features including customized data fields that makes capturing information easier and advanced filtering that lets you group clients and prospects however you like.

With Wealthbox you can:

  • Call a client with one click of a button in the software
  • Store all client emails centrally in one dropbox address
  • Set specific access to client data
  • Keep financial firms in order with collaborative project management
  • Monitor your clients’ social networks and milestones