Specialized work calls for specialized software

Created to solve the unique challenges of construction accounting, ComputerEase offers a suite of programs to help construction accountants keep track of their books in a way that meets the distinct needs of their industry while also understanding the nature and scope of the job itself.

With your partners at Titan Tech, a managed ComputerEase suite can help with general ledgers, subcontractor management, cash flow, profitability, and budget to actual tracking. ComputerEase—as its name suggests—supports easy integration with modules for payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and a myriad of smaller, quality-of-life add-ons.

ComputerEase's Features Include:

  • Flexible Billing—AIA, Unit, Time & Materials and Freeform billing
  • Subcontractor Management—easy retainage tracking, invoice routing, and reconciliation
  • Centralized Financials—manage payroll, payables and receivables, cash flow, and profitability all in one platform