Harness the power of technology to grow your printing business

Does your production floor look disorganized? Are you still writing job tickets by hand, sending print specifications one by one, or using Excel spreadsheets to track production? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you're overwhelmed with manual data entry and are frustrated with the time it takes to line up a job in the system.

In the modern printing world, job boards and spreadsheets don't cut it anymore. This is why Titan Tech has partnered with Tharstern to provide you with a management information system (MIS) to end inefficient processes, automate repetitive tasks, and help you focus on producing high-quality printing jobs for clients.

The benefits of using Tharstern include:

  • Faster production – by speeding up estimation, eliminating admin jobs, and putting jobs in the system quicker
  • Business growth – use valuable data to identify opportunities and make informed decisions
  • Competitive edge – leave a lasting impression with customers with value-added services