Open-source software for small practices

Many new dental practices quickly get overwhelmed trying to manage not only their clinical practice but also the plethora of administrative and business operations that come with it. Opendental hopes to make the transition easier with its open-source dental management and eServices platform.

With the help of your partners at Titan Tech, Opendental makes customer registration and scheduling easy. Plus, with convenient online patient portals as well as text and email reminders, offices can manage prescription requests, follow-up communications, patient billing, and insurance processing all from their desks. Opendental also supports suite of modules to aid in patient care, treatment plans, and record keeping.

Opendental's Features:

  • Open-Source—cloud-based, open-source design allows for easy access and ongoing improvement
  • Vibrant Community—free training webinars and an active community of user forums
  • Integrated Add-Ons—access to modules for patient care and planning, including modules for orthodontic offices
  • Easy Patient Communication—eServices platforms allowing for patient portals, text and email reminders, and other tools for keeping in touch with patients
  • Flexibility—flexible service and billing packages