Bentley ProjectWise

Better planning for better project management

As big and complex as infrastructure projects can become, any project lead needs a way to organize their team and track their progress from planning to delivery. Using powerful, cloud-based software, Bentley ProjectWise allows team members to design, review, and collaborate on projects using only their internet browser.

With Titan Tech at your back, you can leverage one of the most advanced project management tools to track your team’s performance and plan ahead. Secure and scalable, ProjectWise brings workflows, information, and design documents—both 2D and 3D—into a single cohesive platform.

PrjoectWise features:

  • Automated Document Control—automate transmittals, submittals, and RFIs
  • Customizable Project Management—design your own dashboards for tracking team progress
  • Centralization—multi-user accessible databases for project data, contractual documents, and team insights