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No office computer lasts forever

Find out when it’s time to liquidate your IT asset:

  • When computers shut down without warning or have the dreaded blue screen of death repetitively
  • When some computers in your network are more up-to-date than most, and your hardware can’t support your growing needs
  • When hardware cannot be saved with further repair and refurbishment
  • When the warranty has expired

Safe IT asset disposal that complies with industry regulations

Whether you’re consolidating your entire IT system or disposing of unused equipment, Titan Tech will arrange the end-to-end retirement of your old and excess IT assets with their highly-secure data destruction, repair and refurbishment, and documentation and transport procedure.

Titan Tech experience in IT Asset Liquidation will ensure that your company will recoup the most value from the sale of your equipment. Give us a call to get a free quote on your IT assets today.


We offer more benefits than just secure disposal of hardware and data

Why you should choose Titan Tech as your IT Asset Liquidation partner:

  • Secure and compliant – your data is completely eradicated, eliminating company risk and liability
  • All-inclusive services – we will take care of pickup, shipping, and every step necessary for a quick and easy liquidation process
  • Liquidation specialists – we have proven expertise and efficiency in the cleansing, evaluation, and overall handling of retired or unused IT equipment
  • Maximized ROI – they will evaluate each asset based on the current fair market value so you receive the most cash returns on your investment

Pride in good work and service still exists

Even though I am somewhat IT-challenged, I did not feel talked down to, and was well and patiently supported throughout the process. We have been very pleased with the work and service they provided. We refer our friends to Titan Tech — it is nice to see pride in good work and service still exists.

Donna Keller
West Chester, Ohio

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We will get to know your unique challenges and business goals. We will also assess your existing systems and networks so we can identify weaknesses.

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We will execute the agreed IT strategy. We will also administer regular evaluations and adjust when needed. You can always up- or down-scale services or solutions depending on your changing needs.