Bentley MicroStation

The only CAD software you'll ever need

Infrastructure projects often require a team of dedicated architects, designers, and engineers. It’s imperative that projects of that scale have a reliable CAD software that can streamline drafting processes and organize data from a variety of sources.

With the help of MicroStation and Titan Tech, any infrastructure team can benefit from a single platform where professionals can draft and produce workable 2D and 3D models for their projects. MicroStation can also handle a range data sets from a variety of file formats, such as DGM, DWG, DGN, SKP, IFC, and SHP.

MicroStation grants users:

  • Comprehensive Design—draft, design, and annotate 2D and 3D models at any scale
  • Versatility—compatibility with a wide range of CAD, BIM, and GIS file formats
  • Organization—centralized data and project management for large teams using various platforms and file formats