The Cincinnati Drone Revolution

The Cincinnati Drone Revolution

Around Christmas of last year, Cincy Magazine published a story about a pilot program that the Kroger chain of grocery stores had unveiled in Centerville. The Centerville Kroger Marketplace began using drones to deliver grocery orders in July of 2021. The chief technology officer of Drone Express; a drone manufacturer out of Monroe, Ohio, which has partnered with Kroger; had this to say about the program: "'Autonomous drones have unlimited potential to improve everyday life, and our technology opens the way to safe, secure, environmentally friendly deliveries for Kroger customers,...The possibilities for customers are endless—we can enable Kroger customers to send chicken soup to a sick friend or get fast delivery of olive oil if they run out while cooking dinner.'"

The reliance on home delivery increased during the pandemic, and, while it's still much more likely that a human being will deliver food orders for the foreseeable future, drone delivery is one of the many ways the southwest Ohio region is a hub for autonomous vehicle research and manufacture. Let's explore some of the exciting developments in autonomous technology going in the Cincinnati area.

Drone Education

There are many opportunities in the area for people who want to learn about drones and similar technology. Butler Tech, a technical school located near Hamilton, Ohio, has an aviation program for both high school and adult students. One of the program's main focuses is drone piloting, and students can become FAA licensed drone pilots within a year. Meanwhile, Flamingo Air in Cincinnati offers a two-day course on both drone flight techniques and the relevant FAA regulations. Finally, Great Oaks Career Campuses currently offers a one-of-a-kind certification program to teach first responders how to use drones in emergency situations.

All of these education opportunities are good news for people looking to find work in aviation technology. There are already numerous independent drone operator businesses in the area, two of which, The Kentucky Drone Guy and John Henry Drone Works, were profiled in the Cincy Magazine article. Furthermore, Vantage Robotics, a drone maker out of Silicon Valley, recently announced their plans to bring manufacturing jobs to the area, though they weren't specific about the details. In short, there's never been a better time to enter the exciting world of autonomous aerial vehicles.

What are Drones Good for Anyway?

Drones have a variety of uses, in addition to already well-known jobs, like food delivery. Advances in camera technology have allowed many independent operators to offer photo and video services for events. They're used in agriculture to detect problems in crops and livestock from a high vantage point. Moreover, farmers have found them useful for mapping, surveying, and crop dusting. Other uses include various operations for weather forecasting, journalism, sports broadcasting, building safety inspections, security, and search and rescue operations.

Lastly, any automated technology allows firm owners to cut costs and increase efficiency. Whether it's delivering goods to your customers or making medical house calls, the uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are seemingly endless. Ever wonder if employing drones at your business is a good idea? Titan Tech can help assess your need for drones and advise on which suppliers are best for you. Give them a call today for more information.

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