Ridesharing in Cincinnati

Ridesharing in Cincinnati

When most people think of ridesharing, they probably think of big names like Uber or Lyft. But did you know that there's a new rideshare app in town? WCPO recently profiled a new company called Wridz, which recently set up a franchise in Cincinnati.

Most rideshare apps pull a portion of drivers' fares as a means of drawing revenue for the company, but Wridz opts instead for a flat monthly fee for its drivers. Ryan Gettys, the Wridz Cincinnati franchise owner profiled in the WCPO article, claims that this will increase the drivers' income: " 'These drivers get to keep 100% of their fares and their tips, and they just pay us a membership fee of $100 dollars a month,' he said. 'It's going to almost double their income.' "

In any case, riding sharing apps from various brands have been active in Cincinnati for a long time. And the city has even taken measures to make itself friendly for rideshare drivers, riders and companies. Let's look at some of the ways Cincinnati has adapted to this form of transportation.

Ridesharing Facts

In 2019, the City of Cincinnati established nine dedicated zones in different areas around the city. The special zones provide a cordoned-off space for both drop off and pick up. This improves safety for riders and prevents congestion that might build up during busy ride times.

Municipal measures like this have enabled the proliferation of a variety of ridesharing services, according to RideGuru, a website dedicated to analyzing data and trends related to the ridesharing industry. This includes both electronic, app-based companies as well as convetional cab and chauffeuring services. RideGuru's national driver survey indicates that rideshare drivers make an average of $16.02 per hour. In other words, if you're an enterprising person looking to pad your income, Cincinnati ridesharing is one of the best ways to do it.

Rideshares for Businesses

Ridesharing isn't just for individuals. Uber, Lyft and other popular platforms often offer ridesharing services for businesses.

In the past, employees who needed to travel to different cities had to rely on rental cars and other decentralized mechanisms to get around in new territory. Ridesharing apps offer a streamlined solution to this problem by providing employees with knowledgeable, reliable local drivers. They also provide managers with centralized admin accounts, enabling easy tracking of employees' movements, transport time and travel expenses. Some apps even let managers order food for their employees from local restaurants.

In addition, some business ridesharing apps can help employees with their commute. For example, Uber Business lets you set up a centralized program to pay for drivers to and from the office. Alternatively, you can provide paid rides to nearby public transit stops. You can even organize shuttle rides for large groups.

Retaining employees has become more difficult as pressures from the pandemic and dips in the economy have caused the labor forces of many companies to shrink. Providing a reliable form of cheap transport to the office is one way a firm can retain its workers. Give Titan Tech a call today, and they can help you form a strategy around using rideshare apps to provide reliable transportation to your facilities.

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