Greater Cincinnati Biotech

Greater Cincinnati Biotech

Biotechnology, or biotech for short, is the use of natural, biological processes to create tools for industry, medicine and engineering. Examples of biotech include things as old as animal husbandry and agriculture as well as more recent developments, such as lab-grown meat, genetically modified crops, stem cell research and bio-fuels. Vaccines and gene therapy also fall under the umbrella of biotechnology.

Believe it or not, the Greater Cincinnati region is home some of the most exciting developments in biotechnology in the country. Let's check out some of the innovative research that's happening right now in the Queen City.

Cincy Biotech

Understandably, vaccines have been hogging the headlines over the last few years. But did you know that a Cincinnati company may yet create a breakthrough that could make any and all flu shots redundant? Blue Waters Vaccines is a company based out of Cincinnati that has been researching a universal flu vaccine. They recently extended a partnership with Oxford University in the UK to continue research the vaccine for the next year and a half. They're also doing research on vaccines for streptococcal pneumonia as well as rotavirus and malaria.

If all goes according to plan, their universal flu vaccine "would negate annual flu shots... and potentially provide protection against future influenza pandemics." Their vaccine platform is based off of earlier work conducted by two researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Xi Jason Jiang and Ming Tan. By simulating the shell and protruding domains of viral proteins, they create a kind of cellular skeleton key latch capable of accepting proteins from a variety of pathogens. This makes their vaccine platform remarkably flexible and adaptable.

Blues Waters Vaccines isn't the only institution doing important work. Across the river in Covington, Kentucky, you'll find Bexion Pharmaceuticals. One of their current projects is a joint proposal with the City of Covington to establish a $10 million wet lab in the area, which would carry out research on Bexion's BXQ-350 compound, which they hope could cure cancer. Although the Kentucky General Assembly has not yet voted on the proposal, the lab already has a variety of local partners in addition to the city, including Northern Kentucky University.

Last but certainly not least is Medpace, which (in addition to having a whole street named after it) specializes in clinical research for everything from gene therapy to autoimmune disorders to neuroscience to cardiovascular disease, among others. Medpace provides labs to not only develop new medicines but also rigorously test them. They also aid researchers in publishing their findings and eventually bringing them to market.

Cincinnati continues to prove itself as technological hub. In such a tech-heavy ecosystem, you'll need an advisor who can keep up and offer sound guidance for doing business. Give Titan Tech a call today to learn how they can help you.

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