Contactless Pay in Cincinnati

Contactless Pay in Cincinnati

Mitchell Clark, a news writer for The Verge, reported yesterday that Google was thinking of bringing back their Wallet app on Android smart devices. Wallet apps, like Apple Wallet, allow device users to centralize all of their electronic payment methods (i.e. credit and debit cards) as well as transport passes, merchant rewards programs and even government-issued ID documents onto a single device. Users can then issue payments to merchants and individuals without having to fumble through a physical wallet to find the right method.

As it stands, electronic payment capabilities are available in the Google Pay app. Still, the app has gone through several face lifts since its release in 2011, and this has led to some confusion among customers. Clark writes, "If Google is bringing back Wallet as a separate location to manage your cards, it could help focus the Google Pay experience back towards paying at stores and sending friends money."

Most notably, wallet apps allow users to make contactless payments, in which someone issues a payment to someone else without ever handing them cash or swiping a card. Contactless payments allow a range of flexibility in making payments that simply isn't available with conventional payment methods. Let's check out some of the interesting things happening in the Cincinnati area relating to contactless pay.

Cincinnati Contactless Pay

Allworth Financial, a local financial advising firm, offers a brief summary of contactless payment methods in this video on The Cincinnati Enquirer's website. The video points out that, in addition to smart device wallet apps, many credit and debit cards now have built-in contactless payment functions. If you have a card with such functionality, all you have to do is wave it over the payment terminal to send money.

Furthermore, many big merchants now have their own apps through which customers can make orders and send digital payments, all without ever taking either paper or plastic out of their pockets. Everyone from Kroger to the Cincinnati Reds have their own mobile apps sporting contactless payments. Some even offer special rewards and discounts for using their services.

Reserving orders is just the beginning, though. Last year, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport implemented special robotic attendants that can deliver food. Airport patrons can now order food from any of the restaurants in the concourse area, and a robot will deliver it to them without ever having to interact with a clerk.

Moreover, those who frequently use public transport can pay for their fares using the Transit App. And soon, you'll be able to pay for parking with your phone throughout the city.

Contactless pay has became indispensable during the pandemic. So if your business doesn't currently accept contactless payments, you're missing out. If you're ready to get started with contactless payments, Titan Tech can advise on infrastructure, help research and recommend different devices that accept contactless payments, and ensure that your electronic payment methods are safe and secure. Contact them today for more information.

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