Getting Rid of Old Hardware

Getting Rid of Old Hardware

Quick Announcement: We're changing gears today. Moving forward, we'll be focusing on general IT issues as they relate to the local Cincinnati, tri-state area. Stay tuned.

Marc Saltzman, in a special column for USA Today, recently explored different methods for getting rid of old hardware. Many firm owners who are looking to get rid of their old tech are often at a loss when determining the best method for disposal. Should they recycle their old tech or sell it? Or, maybe, it would be better to donate it? "You’ve got a few ways to unload your stuff," he writes, " classifieds sites (like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace), peer-to-peer marketplaces (like eBay) and... selling to a platform that gives you cash to take tech off your hands..."

Let's explore some of these options and find out what options local, Cincinnati-based businesses have when they need to dispose of their outdated equipment.

Internet Options

Online classified marketplaces, like the two platforms mentioned above, are among the most popular options for people looking to get rid of old computers and devices. These allow sellers to market directly to individuals. Classified sites are useful in that they make it easy to find buyers locally. The drawback is that--in the absence of professional mediator--sellers need to be careful whom they contact and how they transact. Saltzman recommends cash transactions only to avoid any issues with bounced checks or fraud.

Another online option is dedicated online marketplaces, like eBay. These are similar to classified ads, but they have the added benefit of dedicated institutional mechanisms to protect both vendors and buyers. This means secure transactions as well as a greater variety of payment options. Quality control also tends to be higher on these sites because incentives are place to reward conscientious merchants. The trade-off to all of this is a slower selling process, especially if the marketplace uses bidding to determine who takes home the goods. So if you're looking to get rid of your tech quickly, this may not be the best option for you.

Lastly, if you need to get rid of a lot of equipment quickly, or if you would rather not deal with a large pool of competing buyers; you can use a reseller, who will pay you to take the tech off your hands so they can resell it down the line. Examples of these merchants include Decluttr and Gazelle.

Local Options

Numerous local merchants in the Cincinnati area will accept your outdated tech to recycle or sell. In fact, Hamilton County Environmental Services has a handy list of local merchants who offer year round recycling and vending services.  They also offer one-day community events where local residents can drop of their electronic waste for free and safe disposal.

With 41 merchants on the Envoirnmental Services directory, you may be clutching your temples on where to begin. If your firm would rather not deal with any of this, Titan Tech can help you shop around for a vendor who will offer you the best price. Or maybe you'd rather donate you'll old tech to a school or charity to give back to the community. Titan Tech can handle it all. Reach out to us today to schedule your free consultation.

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